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It's been called Smugglers Cove; on the north end of town in famed Atlantic City. Traveling by boat you'd make your way to Bungalow Park from the cove between Atlantic City and Brigantine.

Slip through Clam Creek with Gardiners Basin on one end, the Delta Basin on the other and Snug Harbor dab in the middle, Bungalow Park is almost an island unto itself.

Tucked back at the north end, people live here on the quiet side of town. Removed from the glitzy tourism district yet sitting just under the shimmering lights of the Golden Nugget.

Bursting with as many as 1500 bungalow-styled homes during the early days of the 1900s, this 35 square block community was home to boat owners and fisherman who returned from the sea with their catch of the day to sell it along the docks of the Delta Basin.

Clydie Washington grew up in Bungalow Park, one of 12 children raised in the neighborhood; off what her Dad made as an electrician and party boat captain. And Clydie says if you lived there, you better have liked fish. Because you ate it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Thomas Edison toyed with a concrete house on one end of this neighborhood and gangster Al Capone hid on the other; no doubt watching over his contraband smuggled right under his basin front house.

Makes you wonder if all those people sitting across the basin at Back Bay Ale House today think about the irony of looking across at that man's house while they sip on the best mason jar drinks you can buy in A.C.

Around here, Mother Nature is no side thought. Neighbors live within the glory of what she gives them and sure respects what she can dole out. Sure, she can be scary sometimes, but you don't raise your family on the back bays in spite of mother nature. You live there because of her.

Be it for family, friends, history, sea breeze or whatever brings you around that bend into Clam Creek, know that when you get here, you best be ready. Cause sweet Bungalow Park has a way of keeping you here.

Bungalow Park, NJ

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