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Great People

Tucked back at the north end, people live here on the quiet side of town. Neighbors look out for each other. Bungalow Park is a diverse community of good neighbors who become good friends.

Neighbors looking out for neighbors; front stoop conversations; sharing a pot of coffee on the back deck looking over the bay tides; or a community outing on one of the Bay sightseeing tours. Bungalow Park is a diverse community of neighbors who are sincere when they ask “how is your family doing”? The sense of community includes friendly competitions for best garden and get-togethers thrown by the local civic association.

Be it for family, friends, history, sea breeze or whatever brings you around that bend into Clam Creek, know that when you get here, you best be ready. Cause sweet Bungalow Park has a way of keeping you here.




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Bungalow Park, NJ

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